TD32 Multi Riflescope


TD32 Multi Riflescope

Sale price$4,299.00

All Models have a Laser Range Finder BUILT INTO the body for the FULL BALLISTICS

100mm of Eye Relief (Nothing else comes close)


Combining Thermal and Night Vision for the best of both worlds

TD32-70 is a revolutionary device equipped with 4 observation channels, making it the perfect solution for hunting in a variety of scenarios. The thermal imaging observation channel is suitable for long-distance searching and aiming during both day and night; The night vision channel in color mode presents a full-color high-definition image, to meet the needs of daytime hunting; The night vision channel in B&W mode allows hunters to see in the dark; The Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode allows users to watch thermal imaging and night vision display in the same screen during both day and night, and can make good use of thermal imaging for long-distance observation, clear identification of night vision screen, and precise shooting.

    You can enjoy the benefits of thermal identification and night vision target recognition.
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    • Every model is equipped with a Laser Rangefinder and full ballistics
    • 100mm of eye relief
    • Thermal and Night Vision for the best of both worlds
    • Night Vision 6.5x (13x Digital)
    • Thermal 3x (6x Digital) - Has twice the FOV of the Night Vision


    PIP mode enables the simultaneous display of thermal imaging and night vision on the same screen - See the video Below

    The thermal imaging and night vision images are displayed on the same screen, allowing for long-range thermal imaging hunting and precise target identification with night vision. With the added ballistic calculation function, hunters can quickly and accurately shoot the target. And convenient knob control for instant switching the position between thermal imaging and night vision display on the same screen.

    Long eye relief for more comfortable viewing

    TD32-70 features a 100mm long eye relief, providing a clearer view while maintaining the comfort of using optical scope during hunting activities. Allows for prolonged hunting observation without eye strain.

    Ballistic calculation

    After combining the features of the ballistic calculation function, which takes into account the bullet weight, initial velocity, zeroing distance, etc., with the real-time accurate distance provided by the LRF. The device can automatically calculate the actual bullet impact point at the target hunting distance, allowing for precise shooting.


    Powered by a single rechargeable 21700 battery with up to 6 hours run time

    Dimension (L x W x H, mm) 350*91*95
    Weight without battery 800g and 845g approx with battery

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