The idea of a Night Vision Device is to use it a lot!! So battery life is very important.

Batteries are probably the most important item that will determine the overall lifetime of the device


Issue 1 – Recharging An internal battery must be recharged from a power source; while on shorter hunts this isn’t an issue, however on a longer hunt this renders the device unusable for quite some time while its being recharged

Issue 2 – Battery Life Batteries fail over time and degrade with usage – once that internal battery fails or doesn’t hold charge for long you have an expensive Brick!

Issue 3 – Battery Performance in Cold Weather Batteries are also affected by cold weather and often the higher run times are quoted at temperatures of 25c or so – How many of you have been night hunting in that sort of temperature?! Real world run times are going to be less than the box says.

Anything with an Internal Battery is a Bad Idea – Replaceable batteries are the best thing to have and totally remove the above issues. Even Pulsar points this out; however, they rely on their own special expensive batteries.

Every so often we receive calls about a competitors device that is out of warranty and the battery has failed; each time the competitor won’t or can’t do anything about it - other than the battery issue its a perfectly functioning unit.

Our Advice – Simply you shouldn’t buy any device that relies on Internal Batteries – PERIOD!