About Owl Optics and Outdoors

We are a Whangarei based company that distributes, supports and provides training for Night Vision, IWCS Waterproof Communication Systems, Centum Life Seeker (SAR Cell Phone location System) into New Zealand and Australia.

As a Night Vision Specialist who imports and supports Thermal Vision and  Night Vision equipment from PARD and GSCI; we can provide you with the right equipment for your requirements.

We are the distributor for Labradar and also we also specialise in great brands of outdoors and shooting equipment such as Zeiss, GPO, GRS, Nightforce, Go Native and more.

Owl Optics was started in 2011 with a mindset of being experts in our field and providing the best systems and service to our clients.

Our customers include Helicopter Rescue Operators, Coast Guard, LandSAR, Police, Government Departments and other Professional and Recreational users in New Zealand and Australia.

If you have any questions about our products, please let us know – we are happy to help

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