Modern Subs are very quiet and very effective thanks to modern copper bullets

 What Factors should I allow for in Bullet Design?

With Subs 3 things count the most:

  1. Weight
  2. Initial Calibre
  3. Bullet Design

Weight is important and it determines the amount of energy - more weight, more energy

Initial Calibre this determines how fat the bullet is - a 458 is always going to open bigger than a 30 cal - bigger is better

Bullet Design modern copper bullets designed to open at sub speeds allow for accurate and deadly shots and wounds - the petals should stay attached and allow the bullet to cut the channel into the animal - Weight is a factor here too

Speed is important but generally you would run these around 1000-1050 and that is as fast as you can go.

When determining what calibre you are going to shoot think about the animal and the shot you will make, a smaller lighter bullet is good for lungs and softer areas of a animal - a heavier bullet allows for more options including smashing shoulders and anchoring animals - the best example to think about here is the 188g 300 BLK vs the 390g of a 45-70 !!

What else do I need to think about?

The ability to placing the bullet accurately at your intended hunting ranges

Scopes with Ballistics built in rule here - such as the PARD DS35 and TD32 etc - the ability to range and adjust your aim point PRECISELY and QUICKLY are key

We personally use these scopes to shoot accurately well over 200m

Watch this video on us hunting pigs to 250 yards