If you are looking for a UAV for Hunting, Advice on Night Hunting, Training or someone to do it for you

Talk to us about your requirements

We are an Approved DJI Reseller and can provide Training and Advice on UAV’s

We are CAA Part 102 Certified for Night Flights

We are experts in the Pest Control Industry and actually use this ourselves

We operate this as part of our specialist Professional Night Hunting Operation. Our operation covers the 3 key aspects that are critical to anyone wanting to truely OWN THE NIGHT and be a proper Night Hunter

1 - Locate

2 - Move

3 - Shoot

This means the ability to Locate Animals at Long Range, Quickly move to their location without noise and without any lights; walk or stalk to close the distance if needed (again without lights) and shoot with 100% ID at long range (if needed).