Experience in Night Vision

We are based in Whangarei and specialise in Night Vision, Ballistic Radar, Radio Trail Cameras and Subsonic Bullets

We have been operating in this field for over 14 years and have supplied Professional users, Search and Rescue Personal and various Government Departments both here in New Zealand and Australia with Night Vision, SAR and Communications equipment.

If you are looking for SAR and Communications (Marine Intercoms) please look at our marineintercom.co.nz website


We actually use what we sell - we literally own the night and are very unique in our real world experience and advice.

Local Backup and Support

Backup and support is important for us and a requirement for our other work – It should also be a concern for yourself before investing in Night Vision equipment.

We have pre-tested every device before if is shipped out AND we have our own techs who can repair the units without them being sent back to the Factory with a quick turn around time. Many months of waiting time are not acceptable to us in all but extreme cases; you should ask about other brands regarding this and their local support

Talk to a Expert

We are available most days of the week, we support our dealers based around the country and are very happy to talk to you before and after your purchase and to discuss your needs

We Own the Night

Have a look at just some of the gear we use - yeah we actually use and test everything properly - its what we do and makes use good at what we do - for over 14 years