.314 Cal - 7.62x39

Peregrine Monolithics

.314 Cal - 7.62x39

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Model:Peregrine (7.62x39R) 168gr Sub Sonic (50)
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A revolutionary monolithic bullet is purpose-built for silent hunting of small and medium-sized game. Engineered to deliver devastating terminal performance without fracturing upon impact, all with minimum meat damage. It expands up to three times its size and maintains effectiveness at velocities ranging from 1050fps to 750fps.

The 168g version is designed generally for the 7.62x39


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  • Effective bullet expansion over one of the widest subsonic impact velocity ranges in the market
  • Low aerodynamic drag, travels nearly 500m when fired at 1050fps before reaching a terminal velocity of 750fps
  • Jointly developed by Peregrine Bullets and Discreet Ballistics
  • Distributed in the USA under the brand Selous by Discreet
  • Patented Globally
  • 100% lead free


Caliber Weight Twist G1 BC G7 BC
.314 168 1 in 9.5 0.350 0.000

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