The Manta SAR Helmet is a high-performance multi-role technical rescue helmet with the facility to fit a variety of accessories. The helmet is tested to five different standards giving it the unique ability to make it suitable for a very diverse field of task or one helmet to do many roles as below:


  • Working at height / Urban climbing
  • Swift Water Rescue/ Maritime operations / Boat driver
  • Confined space / CBRN
  • Technical assistance / Rescue
  • Snowmobile/Jetski/Quad Bike
  • The Manta helmet meets the requirements of the following standards:
    • EN12492:2012 Mountaineering helmet
    • PAS028:2002 Marine safety helmet
    • EN16471:2014 Firefighters helmets for wildland firefighting
    • EN16473:2014 Firefighters helmets for technical rescue
    • FS/ATV1 Quad & ATV helmet


Reflective tape which complies with SOLAS approvals,making it visible at various angles, which makes the helmet more visible. On the helmets six pieces of SOLAS reflective tape is applied( as shown below. The tape is certified to include the Canadian and U.S. Coastguard Standards.

Hearing – Manta Helmets can be fitted with Radio Headsets

Night Vision Mount – A mount can also be attached, which won’t interfere with the visor

Full or Half Length Face Shields – Available in Clear or Smoke

Colours – We have 7 Options

More – We have a lot of other options

Vent Covers

The helmet is supplied with a pair of standard vent covers. The vent covers are available in a choice of colours. The black, green, red and yellow covers come as standard on the MANTA Helmet.

The photoluminescent covers are optional, this version glows in the dark increasing the visibility of the MANTA Helmet considerably.

Retractable Internal eyeshield

Each Manta helmet is fitted with a retractable internal eyeshield . It meets EN166:2002 standard for industrial eye protection. The eyeshields are also available to ordered separately. A choice can be made from the following three colours:

Clear : For eye protection in any light condition.

Smoke : The smoke tint reduces the brightness of the sunlight, without to much colour prejudice.

Amber : This colour reduces the haze of the blue light spectrum of sunlight, It sharpens the image, be aware that a small distortion of true colours