Predator Pro Mount
Predator Pro Mount

Sniper Hog

Predator Pro Mount

Sale price$99.00

This is a two piece mount


The Bottom piece

Will mount to a 35mm, 30mm or 1 inch scope tube and has Weaver/Picatinny rail on it for mounting the top piece to it.


The Top Piece

Will mount to virtually any weaver/picatinny rail

Will fit most any light with a 30mm tube or 1 inch tube.

Height adjustable so you can mount the light the correct distance from your gun.

The height is adjusted with 2 different size aluminum spacers that come with the mount. You can use no spacers, one spacer or both.

This will allow you to mount your light to any gun and have the clearance you need. It will easily allow the light to clear scopes with a scope objective up to 70mm.

In the pictures above of the lights mounted to the scope, both are using the smaller of the two aluminum spacers.

In the picture above of just the mount, none of the aluminum spacers are shown.

In the last picture, you can see the four different heights the mount can be. Everything is included to make the four different heights.

Fully windage and elevation adjustable so you can get the light lined up perfectly with your scope.

The mount is Rock solid.

Has a quick release knob for easy mounting and dismounting. No tools are needed to attach or detach the light to or from a rail.

Will work with any of our Coyote Cannon, Slocker, Destroyer, 38LRX, 50LRX or 66LRX lights.