Why Buy from Us


If you are looking for a Scope, Binoculars or Spotting Scope – here are a few reasons to talk to us first!


We really know our products

Our knowledge by specialising in selected brands helps you choose the correct product. We also use the entire range ourselves so we personally know the product

We Test EVERY scope

Each Scope is tested for Tracking and its functions

By testing each scope we can ensure that they perform as they should before you use them. Saving you time and money

Cleaning Kits

Included with every Zeiss Product

With every Zeiss product we are including a Zeiss Cleaning Kit so you can properly clean the glass when you need to!

How did we start with Outdoor Optics?

Since our beginning back in 2009 we have supplied several big names in the optical field; Starting with Swarovski; with which we continued for many years until Swarovski changed the way they did business in New Zealand and they decided to only supply selected ‘Bricks and Mortar’ stores. Since then we have supplied Zeiss range of products and haven’t looked back for a number of reasons.

Why do we just work with Zeiss, GPO and Nikko Stirling?

We like to be experts in our products; we like to have the knowledge and support of the brands that we supply behind us as well.

We have extensively used the entire range of what we sell – not just for a quick chuck it on a rifle and ‘have a go’ we personally use these products on our rifles and on our hunts for a long period of time. We also listen to our clients who are out there actually using the products as well.

Personally I’ve owned since we have been with Zeiss (None of these were given to us, I actually purchased them) from the Zeiss Rifle Scope Range, HD5, DL (2), V4 (2), V6 (2) and a V8; and their Conquest HD and Victory RF Binoculars. From the Nikko Stirling Range – the Diamond FFP; and more recently the 3-9 and 4-12 scopes from GPO.

This is why we are experts with our products; nor do we deal with every brand out there – can your average store person say the same?

We actually test each and every scope!

Every scope that you purchase from us is hand checked by us and put on a bench rest to check that it actually dials properly!

Why? – Do you actually know that your scope dials/tracks correctly?

What if you go to the range and spend a frustrating day trying to sight in, waste your ammunition, your fuel, your time and you have inconsistent results and it could be the scope, the rifle, the ammo, the mounts.

By testing the scope properly we have eliminated any potential issues from its tracking saving.