Which Rifle Stock do I choose?

Confused about what type of rifle stock you should get?

We have made short summary of some of the key points between the various styles of rifle stocks we have

Feel free to talk to us about what rifle stock would suit you best

GRS Rifle Stocks

Excellent Rifle Stocks, Made in Norway – a very nice “chassis” while retaining a “normal” hunting look and feel. They are either laminated Wood or they are composites such as the Berserk, Bifrost or a full aluminium rifle stock chassis.

Overall they look and are shaped very similar with some variations in each model.

The Berserk, Bifrost and Warg Rifle Stocks are Drop in Ready – your action will just fit inside and once tightened correctly they are ready to go. the Laminated Rifle Stocks are similar; but it is recommended that you bed the action and its a must with Magnum calibres

You will love the grip – its very neutral and minimised your hand tension when pulling the trigger

GRS have a nice website and they also have a stock finder feature; so you can select your action and they will show you what options are available to you. Have a look – GRS Rifle Stocks

Even if its not available at the moment, we can order it in and you of course get the best pricing and expertise


DOESN’T Require a Magazine – the standard internal magazine and floorplate work as normal

Can also the Lucky 13 Conversion Kit so you have 10 round magazines for Howa and Remington 700’s

KRG Bravo

A very comfortable rifle stock

Excellent Grip

Stock can be adjusted by simply removing covers

Full Aluminium Spine from a “chassis” while still retaining the traditional stock feel and look

Very Flexible MLock and other attachment points on the stock – This gives you A LOT of Options


Requires an ACIS type Magazine (Not Included; but we supply them) 5 or 10 rounds

Our KRG Bravo Rifle Stocks can be found here

Southern Cross Rifle Stock

Full Metal chassis with MLock Attachment points on the forend – they very much are the full metal chassis style – very accurate – we personally ran a Howa 1500 in 6.5 Creedmoor and it was very accurate

Made in Australia


Requires an ACIS Style Magazine (Not Included; but we supply them)

Our Southern Cross Chassis Can be found here

Oryx by MDT

MDT’s entry level rifle stock – MDT are well known for their high end chassis systems and this is a very nice “filled in” chassis system

It is a full metal stock with plastic covers so you can change the colours as well

Its a nice combination of a rifle stock chassis but with filled in lines unlike a full skeleton stock


Requires an MDT Polymer Magazine (Not Included; but we supply them)

Our MDT Oryx Rifle Stocks can be found here

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