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iriComm 3.0

Specifically developed for rescue swimmers and SAR crews, the iriComm 3.0 gives you a winning combination of a waterproof and rugged headset with superior sound quality, effective noise reduction and great comfort for long working hours in the most extreme environments – allowing you to focus on what you do best -getting the job done.

  • Superior Sound Quality
  • Fully Salt Waterproof
  • Heavy Duty Ruggedness
  • Noise Cancelling Mic. ( max. SPL 142 dB. )
  • Comfortable after many hours of use
  • Use it Standalone, in Pairs, Direct to Radio or Connect to Intercom

Intercom Solutions

The iriSound system combines your existing VHF/UHF radios with a State-Of–The-Art, waterproof intercom system enabling clear and trouble-free communication under the most demanding conditions.

iriSound is a highly advanced audio unit that processes all sound signals to and from external units whether they are headsets, external radio units, a loudhailer, iriStore audio recording unit. The built-in intelligence allows for easy plug-and-play installation when used with other Iridium products – like the iriConnect for wireless headset communication.


When working in noisy environments the background noise changes constantly. The same does the level of your speech. The human brain simply adjusts the speaking level according to surrounding noise. During the day, and even during a conversation, we constantly adjust our voice to a desired level.

For the very same reason any VHF radio has an adjustable Squelch,that set the noise cut off to a reasonable level. But it only works for the radio – what about each user in a larger intercom setup. Is your intercom VOX operated or a fully open circuit ? Wind noise, engine noise and even breathing,can easily open the microphone, which requires either a constant adjustment of the squelch or the squelch level to be set so high, that very loud speaking is necessary no matter background noise level. AVAD takes care of that. iriSound’s new DSP Software listens and adjusts that for each channel independently.

AVAD – means that each user in a multiple-user scenario will achieve silence, and only a slight word willactivate and open the microphone circuit.

iriSelect - Pre-Defined Operating Modes

We have the ability to setup to 10 different modes for the intercom system, giving you a lot of flexibility to split the intercom into groups or assign radios to certain members and then adjust it as your mission requires it – here is just 1 example

In this mode all 4 headsets have full-duplex intercom, and all 4 headsets can hear incoming audio on all radios. When pushing a PTT, only audio from headset 1 & 2 is transmitted on the corre-sponding radio (TX audio from headset 3 & 4 is muted).

Normal radio discipline is to be observed between headset 1 & 2.

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