Sauer 100

Sauer 100 is AccurateHigh QualityGerman Made Rifle that we love

Key Points

Guaranteed Accuracy

Barrel and receiver are made on site in Isny/Germany. Every barrel is cold-hammer forged and thus a guarantor for our precision of less than one MOA (approx. 25 mm with 5 shots at 100 metres).

Our receivers are made using the latest CNC milling technology, in order to perfect the symbiosis of barrel and receiver as well as Sauer’s legendary smooth bolt operation.

Safe and Adjustable

The three-position safety combines easy handling with maximum reliability

The SAUER 100 stands out thanks to its adjustable, crisp single-stage trigger. It can be individually adjusted between 1,000 and 2,000 g (2.2 – 4.4 lb).

Ultra stable ERGO MAX synthetic stock

The ERGO MAX stock is distinguished by the comb inclining to the rear. The improved position of the head behind the rifle scope allows for calmer aiming. In addition, the felt recoil is considerably reduced

Sauer 100 Rifles, Quality, Accuracy everything you need.

The Sauer 100 Series is available in 3 main styles

The Classic stock shape, either with a blued barrel or Ceratech (Silver Cerakote) with a polycarbonate stock or wood. The Classic (Wood Blued), Classic XT (Polymer Blued) or Ceratech (Polymer Cerakoted) – These are ideal for hunting

The more Long Range / Varmint orientated stock and heavier barrel with the Pantera (Polymer Blued) and Field shoot (Laminated Wood Blued)

And the Atacama which takes the classic stock shape and is dipped into a Cerakote colour and digital camo colours on the stock – excellent for hiding your profile while hunting (you wear camo in the bush don’t you?)

Available in all the popular calibres

Sub MOA Guarantee

Sauer 100 rifles are guaranteed to be able to shoot a five round group measuring less than 1 Minute of Angle (MOA), with match grade/quality target ammunition.

The inherent accuracy of the German designed and manufactured rifles has always delivered exceptional accuracy. Sauer are prepared to guarantee that in the hands of a skilled shooter with quality ammunition our rifles will consistently form sub-MOA groups

From our own personal experience this is true, every Sauer 100 that I have personally fired is sub-MOA.

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