Rifle Packages

Our Rifle Packages - How it Works

Unlike pretty much every other store or website out there – we listen to you and present some options for your ‘customised’ rifle package


Unless you know what you want and I didn’t when I started out (yeah I lost money on that overweight package). Just picking something from a advert isn’t a great idea.

You can go to a store – But did anyone in the store ask you some good questions to help you or was it here you go this is what you need!

Have they actually used what they sell?

We’ve owned (purchased with our money) and used our products a lot (and some other brands) – hundreds and in some cases thousands of rounds.

So I like to have a chat and see what, why etc you are after and find something the suits you and gives you the value you want.

Remember we can Setup, Zero, chrono and Test your rifle as a option – no hassles of a range or time required

Oh and if it is about price – I’ve just checked a leading brand’s book and for the same – you’ll have a lot of trigger time for the same price 🙂

New to Shooting or Hunting

Have questions – not sure what you should get?

To help us put together the right rifle package options for you here are a few basic questions that you should think about before purchasing a rifle

They asked these in the store right?? 🙂

There are just so many options with rifles, optics, mounts and suppressors – These are just some basic questions to help us help you with the RIGHT Choice

We’ll prepare a few options, based on your needs and what is available THEN we can talk about it so WE BOTH know what you actually want

Seen a Package Elsewhere you Like?

Let us Price it up for you
If you are looking at someone elses package – Rifle, Scope, whatever it is
Let us know the details and we will give you our version and our thoughts
At the very least you will feel better about your decision
But maybe we will have a better deal for you

Already Know What You Want?

If you know what you would like; Tell Us and we will do a deal!

Already know what you want and just want to get the best deal on a complete setup

No Problem

Simply tell us what it is you want and we will prepare a special deal