Tier One TAC Rings
Tier One TAC Rings

Tier One

Tier One TAC Rings

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Size:30mm - Low

Tier One Tactical Scope rings are designed to be the toughest, most accurate aluminum scope rings for any kind of rifle shooting.

Whether you are a hunter, shooter or operator, if you’re looking for the highest quality, lightweight scope mounts with maximum accuracy and repeatability you’ve found them.


  • Manufactured from high grade 7075T6 aluminium
  • No lapping required*
  • Six screw ring caps for ultra secure optic mounting
  • Mill spec 30 micron hard anodised finish
  • One hit machining to ensure repeatability
  • Built in anti-cant bubble

*When mounted upon a suitable quality Picatinny Rail


The Tactical Scope Rings are manufactured from solid 7075T6 aluminum billets, an aerospace alloy that offers one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any alloy currently available.

In addition, the screws we use in these scope mounts are manufactured by us to our own specifications, so they match the product perfectly and result in zero accuracy loss.

All surfaces on these mounts are mil spec hard anodised to 30 micron thickness in black, and the logo is also fully anodised resulting in a blacked-out look.

These materials are the finest available and combined with the rings’ efficient and elegant design they will offer you the maximum weight saving possible with the absolute maximum accuracy of any rifle scope mount on the market right now.


We use high tech 5 axis CNC milling machines and advanced manufacturing and finishing processes to ensure that every possible inaccuracy or loss of tolerance is eliminated.

The ring pair is milled at the same time from the same solid billet of aluminium, and the whole process is completed in one operation.

What this means for you is a pair of rings that are perfectly matched to each other, and which have not suffered any loss of accuracy due to resetting machines.

Most mass-manufactured AR or Rifle scope mounts are produced on inferior machinery in multiple operations, which means the rings and tools are moved out of alignment each time a new piece of the ring-set is machined, resulting in huge losses of accuracy across the whole process. We do not do this.

Every ring set is mechanically deburred in a 'bath' of thousands of ceramic cones to achieve a perfectly smooth finish before anodising in hard black 30 micron thickness.


These rings are designed to be mounted to a standard 1913 picatinny rail.