GSCI Thermal Monoculars
GSCI Thermal Monoculars


GSCI Thermal Monoculars

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We highly recommend you look at the TICON which will attach to these NVG and give Thermal AND Night Vision at once - See below


The TI-GEAR Mis the professional-grade thermal monocular designed for multiple applications that involve reconnaissance and tactical surveillance at short, medium-range and long distances. The latest generation silent and Auto-NUC sensor is at the base of the TI-GEAR M. GSCI proprietary hardware and software solutions are built around the sensor and offer exceptional image quality along with unique tools for added tactical advantage and user safety. Apart from hand-held, helmet-mounted configurations, the TI-GEAR M  can easily be converted into a full-feature thermal weapon and clip-on sight. The TI-GEAR M is fully dust-and waterproof, meets and exceeds modern standards. The TI-GEAR M is designed for both professional users and outdoor enthusiasts. It is a robust, reliable tool for long-term, intensive use in any environment, in any lighting or weather conditions

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