Suppressed 410 Shotgun


Suppressed 410 Shotgun

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The benefits of a Suppressed Shotgun are its is a joy to shoot, quiet and no recoil make it great for shooting with kids as well as for pest control

We call them ‘Suppressed’ vs our ‘Silenced’ full length models - watch the videos for some idea

This model is reducing the sound level by about half using our ‘ear meters’

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Unlike the 22, which can be suppressed, a suppressed shotgun does not have the very long range and risk of ricochet associated with the 22, however it is well and truly up to the job of pest control.

The great thing about this design is that you can use standard “off the shelf” high velocity ammo.

NO Special Ammo Required  – Uses normal factory ammunition; the barrel is ported to reduce the speed of factory rounds

This is a very quiet shotgun; combined with a efficient suppressor, nice balance make this a ideal for:

  • Shooting in Noise Sensitive areas
  • Teaching Kids to shoot
  • Pest Control
  • Shooting in Areas that make the 410 a better choice than a 22

Built on a on a Rossi Montenegro Single shot 410


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