Rifle Setup Service

Rifle Setup Service

Sale price$500.00

Price is for Standard Service - We can Customise it to your requirements.

Allow for Freight and Ammunition Costs

Do you need your rifle setup properly, Zeroed and checked?

We can setup a your rifle and zero it properly. We can:

  • Properly Setup the Scope and Rifle
  • Securely Attach your mounts or Rail to your rifle
  • Check the bore of your new rifle
  • Thread the Muzzle
  • Test your scopes tracking and dialing abilities 
  • Test Various Ammunition types to find what suits you and the rifle
  • Zero the rifle
  • Chronograph Data using a Scientific Chrono at 100m
  • Provide Calibrated Ballistic Data for Calculators

    This is ideal if you don’t have access to a range, time or the equipment needed to do this correctly.

    We have a number of Options available to suit what you need

    Why us?
    • We aim for precision our data is accurate to <1%
      • We use known measured figures, not manually calibrated figures
    • We shoot ourselves to over 1000m
    • We look for consistency
    • We provide reports
      • We don’t shoot 3 shots and its a say its a great rifle and its zeroed
      • We don’t generate ‘try’ data - we measure accurate long range data
      • We don’t just shoot 3 shots and work the data from that - We need to have a good sample to get comfort with the data


    We are located in Whangarei

    Shipping your rifle and ammunition to and from us is easy from around the country. Either via a Store or direct to us via a freight company which we will organise.

    We hold a Firearms Dealers Licence

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