PARD 007 S
PARD 007 S


PARD 007 S

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Model:PARD 007 S - 850nm

New 2021 Model

The PARD NV007S attaches to the back of your existing Day Scope so its easy to move between Rifles and the Zero is Retained

Range 400m+ or more with the inbuilt IR (850nm Model) – more with a external IR check out the How Far Can I see videos

This is a new PARD NV007S Digital Clip On Night Vision Rifle Scope and we really like it, it is the Market Leading Clip on Device that works very well right out of the box.

This scope attaches to the rear of your normal day scope, transforming it into a Night Scope.

It can be quickly removed to return the day scope to normal and of course as your scope hasn't changed Zero, the Zero is still the same.

The in-built IR torch (either 850nm or 940nm) is very good just by itself so it's a total complete unit that is effective at night hunting ranges.

Remember to use it at dusk and dawn - it will great extend your hunting times during this period

Read Our Digital Scope Comparison - Learn what's important


  • 1 x 45mm Collar with 3 Inserts (fits 42mm to 45mm Scopes)
    • Additional are available
    • Larger 48mm
    • Plus Custom Inserts
  • 1 x 18650 Battery

 You will need a Charger that will do 18650 Batteries

Watch this 90 Second video for a quick summary and images on why the 007 S

Watch this 90 Second video for a quick summary and images on why the 007 S

In the Field

Have a look at this video - Its us and our clients out hunting

850 or 940?

850nm is the standard IR Illuminator, this has the small red glow and maybe seen by some animals. 850 gives the most range of the 2 options

940nm is a higher wavelength and is not visible to animals; its sometimes called stealth or covert - it doesn't have the red glow, but the trade off is less range

Can I have both - No not in the 007 itself; you have however use a external torch in the other wavelength to cover all your bases of range, size and stealth

How Far Can I see?

We have tested the 007 with a number of scopes, Zeiss V4, Nightforce SHV Meopta Optika 6 to name a few. The overall performance of the scope depends on a number of factors:

Amount of Moon LightScope Coatings, Design, Objective SizeIf the scope has Parallax Control (See below)Amount of IR Light usedAtmospheric conditions

So how far can I see - well, watch this video and see that on a Dark Night (Dumb night to do a range test) with a mid range scope Meopta Optika 6 3-18x50 we get over 400m from the 850 and the 940nm version reached 400m

If you use a IRLB external laser over 700m

How Far Can I See Video

Note on Parallax

A parallax adjustable rifle scope is required to get the best image from the unit - Fixed Parallax scopes are typically set for 50-100m and they still work however 

We recommend that you watch this video below

Also watch the next video on how you can work around it to a degree

Parallax What Happens

What can I do if I don't have a Parallax Controllable Scope

First Focal Plane Scopes – Do they work

Yes they sure do

Here is a Nightforce NX8 in the video

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