Laserluchs Laser
Laserluchs Laser

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Laserluchs Laser

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The LA905-50-PRO-II is a special infrared laser illuminator for night vision devices whose image intensifier tubes offer sufficient performance in this wavelength range.

Light radiation with a wavelength of 905nm is not even detected by more sensitive wildlife species such as deer. Despite the high wavelength, long ranges can be achieved. This illuminator is ideal for red deer.

Spot and Flood Zoom Lens - When on Spot it's a useful pointer for teammates

Excellent beam - edge to edge smooth, with safe power levels to prevent damage to NV devices

Ideal for Search and Rescue or Pest Control

Ideally mounted on helmet for use with goggles

Used by us commercially for Night Hunting

  • For Gen3 and 4G generation of NV devices
    • NOT for Digital
  • Shockproof, splash-resistant
  • Toggle switch with trigger guard
  • Reinforced focusing dial
  • Infinitely variable light cone
  • Patented optical collimator system
  • 100% eye-safe, laser class 1
  • 36 months manufacturer's warranty
  • Includes Picatinny and Tripod Quick Detach Mount
  • Made in Germany