Ballistic Testing

Ballistic Testing

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Price is for Standard Service - We can Customise it to your requirements.

Allow for Freight and Ammunition Costs

Already have a rifle setup and you just want to scientifically measure your BC and Velocity for Better Long Range Data?

Our System is able to accurately provide BC calculations out to some 2,000m

This precisely measures your BC and velocity in a scientific manner without you trying to shoot consistent groups at long range which are subject to variations and consume a lot of ammunition and time to be precise.

    We have the only equipment of this type in New Zealand


    • Time
    • Ammunition
    • Barrel Life
    • Frustration 

    We can provide the answers will just enough shots to give you comfort with the SD and ES of your ammunition.

    Your Ammunition is tested at various Temperatures to record the variations in Muzzle Velocity

    Generally we test at the following ranges

    • 100m - all calibres
    • One of 500, 800 and 1200m depending on the calibre
      • Stepped BC’s can be obtaining by shooting at several ranges
      • Custom Packages available

    Longer ranges can be done - however this requires a special setup due to the ranges involved

    Why us?
    • We aim for precision our data is accurate to <1%
      • We use known measured figures, not manually calibrated figures
    • We shoot ourselves to over 1000m
    • We look for consistency
    • We provide reports
      • We don’t shoot 3 shots and its a say its a great rifle and its zeroed
      • We don’t generate ‘try’ data - we measure accurate long range data
      • We don’t just shoot 3 shots and work the data from that - We need to have a good sample to get comfort with the data


    We are located in Whangarei

    Shipping your rifle and ammunition to and from us is easy from around the country. Either via a Store or direct to us via a freight company which we will organise.

    We hold a Firearms Dealers Licence

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