Zeiss Victory RF

Zeiss Victory RF


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Zeiss Victory RF

The Zeiss Victory RF Rangefinder System is a laser rangefinder with an integrated real-time ballistics computer. The consideration of all relevant factors and customisation with the aid of the ZEISS Hunting App ensures precisely placed shots at any distance.

We personally use the Victory RF binoculars and also the Victory V8 Scope out hunting. You will appreciate like we do the glass and quality of the product.

The RF family offers a choice of four models: the RF 8 x 42 and 10 x 42 for daylight hunting and the RF 8 x 54 and 10 x 54 for hunting into the twilight hours.

Included with the binos is a Zeiss Cleaning Kit

Measure out to 2300m with the Zeiss Victory RF

The laser rangefinder determines the precise target distance up to a maximum range of 2,300 metres.

Bluetooth synchronisation

The capabilities of the rangefinder system are perfected by the ability to synchronise it with the ZEISS Hunting App via Bluetooth. Every measurement takes the physical and environmental factors, such as temperature and air pressure, into account when making the calculation.

Transfer of personal ballistic data between the app and the Zeiss Victory RF

Storage capability for up to nine personalised ballistic profiles, that can be set up within the ZEISS Hunting App. Thanks to the Bluetooth function it is possible to import personal ballistic data from the ZEISS Hunting App to the Zeiss Victory RF.

Calculate precise setting for BDC (ASV)

The various measuring functions of the rangefinder take a multitude of relevant data into account and use them to calculate the precise setting for the BDC (ASV).