Zeiss Conquest V4

Zeiss Conquest V4


From personal experience we have found the Zeiss Conquest V4 range to be a ideal quality scope and a price point that you can afford. I have used the 6-24×50 and the 4-16×44 myself for quite some time.

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Includes a Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit

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Zeiss Conquest V4

The Zeiss Conquest V4 has proven itself to be exactly the right rifle scope for hunting and also for target shooting

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Uncompromising quality and ruggedness – the Zeiss Conquest V4 line of high-performance riflescopes combines the tried-and-true ZEISS optics concept with a rugged and functional design. Equipped with 4x zoom and functional and fully reliable mechanics, these scopes set a new standard in their class.

Scopes ship with a Zeiss Cleaning Kit

Why we like the Zeiss Conquest V4 Range:

The V4’s provide a excellent level of performance for their value; the glass is great (I’ve personally owned and used the entire range of Zeiss Scopes, V4, V6, V8! and also the DL series) and while there are differences between the levels you won’t be disappointed nor is the V4 a ‘entry’ level scope either.

I like the ability to dial for elevation and the scopes that have the Ballistic turret. The turrets have good feel for the clicks and a simple to read scale; plus they have a zero stop as well. This gives you the most flexibility and accuracy for hunting and a cleaner reticle so you can enjoy the view!

The smaller scopes (1-4, 3-12) have a fixed parallax which is fine for hunting and I’ve taken plenty of long (for hunting) shots without parallax control; however if you want to target shoot, its best to have it. Parallax control is available on larger scopes (4-16, 6-24).

If you have any questions about the Zeiss Conquest V4 Rifle Scope; please contact us we are happy to help and provide the information you need

If you want to read more about these scopes, checkout the Zeiss website here