Tikka Tactical Bolt Handle

Tikka Tactical Bolt Handle


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This Waters design principle began back in 2003 when some Remington 700 adjustable bolt handles for bench and bag guns were made for rapid shooting in switching conditions (probably years ahead of itself). But now, there seems to be so much interest in “tactical bolt knobs” (whatever that means?), that I decided to re-release my bolt knob solution for the Tikka T3 T3x to show what a “tactical bolt knob” should be…ie. one can tactically adjust to better suit their needs based on their shooting conditions.

  • A standard bolt handle/knob sticks out approx 55mm (2.1”) from edge of bolt radius.
  • This WR tactical bolt handle adjusts (on the fly) from approx 55mm (2.1”) to approx 72mm (2.83”) – offering a total adjustment range of approx 17mm. You choose what you need…
The bolt handle is 304gr SS. The knob is 7075 alum hard black anodised, and shaped in such a way that any finger can catch the knob and not slip off, with circular recesses to aid grip.
MAJOR ADVANTAGE, this bolt handle will also extend to allow you to work the bolt cycle much quicker, while making it easier to stay on target, by allowing the shooter to keep the index finger on the bolt while using the middle finger to operate the trigger (takes a few minutes to get used to, but worth the practice).
– Weight 30g / 1.06oz.
– Available in LEFT, RIGHT and STRAIGHT versions (straight gives more room behind the bolt area).

HOW TO USE THE WR T3 TACTICAL BOLT HANDLE AND KNOB FOR SPEED… See these 3 sets of pictures with the knob at different lengths. NOTE the hand position, relative to the trigger, the bolt knob, etc…

WR BOLT KNOB WOUND IN to same length as factory T3, but with more leverage due to knob shape.


WR BOLT KNOB WOUND HALF-WAY OUT. Offers lots of leverage and increased cycle speed.
WR BOLT KNOB WOUND ALL WAY OUT. Allows single finger operation
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