SAUER 100 – Camo

SAUER 100 – Camo


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Every Sauer 100 in 223 Family, 6.5cm or 308/243 Family Comes with a FREE Lucky 13 10 Shot Magazine – worth $179

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These are the same as the Standard 100’s; they are are cerakoted in a colour and the stock has digital camo – Why – Well you often wear camo clothes, yet your rifle is a high contrast item


The dream of a perfectly camouflaged hunting rifle which resists all weather conditions comes true with the Sauer 100 Cherokee. Modern Woodland Digi Camo and the green Cerakote coating on all steel parts for utmost corrosion resistance make it the perfect choice for spot and stalk hunting


The bright, digital camo pattern and the corrosion-resistant Cerakote coating in Desert Sand make the Atacama almost invisible in open terrain and a perfect companion for day-time and mountain hunting far away from dense vegetation.


PARD Night Vision, Besdt Value Night Vision Rifle Scope