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Breakfasts and main menu options – these are delicious and we personally use them

Other Information

Please refer to the packet or to Radix Directly


Main meals require 250ml boiling water. Ready in 5 minutes.


Gross Weight: 162g


We know you can’t wait to eat your meal, so we have kept the rehydration process simple with 3 easy steps.

  1. Open
    Tear open meal and remove oxygen absorber.
  1. Rehydrate
    Add water to rehydrate, stir thoroughly and reseal.
  1. Enjoy
    Wait for rehydration, tear open the second seal to create a bowl and enjoy!

Saving your meal? No worries, our meals have a 2-year best before date.

Still not quite sure on how to rehydrate? Check out our full “how to use” video here.