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We will soon have Videos taken in the Field by Us

There are Serious Reasons why you should consider these Thermals; Don’t Buy anything without checking them out

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The New PARD TA62 Thermal Handheld has a number of features that make it the Thermal Handheld to have!

  • Small Size
  • High Performance Thermal Core
    • 640×480 at 12u Pixels
    • NETD of <25mK
    • F1.0 Lens
  • Uses 18650 Batteries
  • 3 Year Warranty

Key Features:

18650 Battery.

The TA62 runs on a 1x 18650 Battery. Run Flat while out in the field, no problem, swap it and go.

You shouldn’t have to rely on a internal Battery that could fail leaving you with a Brick, or reliance on Power Banks to top you up, or those expensive custom batteries. Nope use the Thermal all you want no need to look at the petrol gauge and worry about how long you have left!

A 18650 is the Best thing to have.

High Performance Thermal Core

With a NETD of <25mK the TA series produces excellent images with great Contrast; others may have 35 or 40, even 50. However 25 is the new standard!

Why is NETD such an important figureRead this for a further Explanation

The Pixels are now .12u apart, that’s a improvement from the older .17u standard that was common – the smaller distance produces more detail

3 Year Warranty

We have been in the Night Vision Industry for 13 plus Years. We have a repair team in Melbourne who can service all our Night Vision, Radars and Cameras just in case you need it (which is actually very rare). No More waiting for Months for a repair (Covid issues aside). We can even repair units outside of Warranty!

Best to check what the others do


Lens 25mm (Optical Mag 2x) / 35mm (Optical Mag 2.8x)

Pixel Pitch – 12u

Lens – F1.0

Thermal Resolution – 640×480

NETD – <25mK – Read Notes

Refresh Rate – 30 Hz

Field of View – 17.5/12.6

Detection Range 2000/2500m

Ok, We don’t normally show this sort of figure – mostly because its best described as useless or at worst BS – Have a read of this on the Topic of ‘Can see a deer at xxx’ and see why we take real videos of real NZ animals at real Ranges – Click Here

Display Type – OLED 1024×768

Size – 154 x 68 x 44mm

Weight (No Battery) 298/308g

Battery – 1 x 18650 Flat Top (1 Included)

Requires a Charger – Recommended Are Here

Operating Time – 6 Hours Max

Waterproof Rating – IP67

Recording – Micro SD (Not Included)

Wifi – Yes

Warranty – 3 Years