NeoPod Ultralight Bipod

NeoPod Ultralight Bipod


So light you’ll actually bring it along

Thanks to using space-age materials the bipod itself weighs only 82g (2.9oz). The various adapters weigh from to 7 to 31g. Total weight is only about that of 4-5 rounds of .308 Win!

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It was time to re-think the bipod. We did, and the result is the NeoPod. It is made from carbon fibre reinforced PEEK

polymer. This material has a tensile strength equal to that of stainless steel – with only half the weight of aluminium.

For hunters going to extremes, from the deepest deserts to the highest mountains, there are two key things to consider when choosing the right equipment: weight and strength. These considerations have always caused conflicting demands in terms of design and materials. Until now, bipods have been too heavy and too bulky.

Hitting your target with the first shot is what it’s all about. A hunting bipod must be quick to deploy and help you achieve maximum precision in the field. We have used the highest performing materials in the world and refined our design through extensive testing to produce a unique bipod for the most demanding hunters.

The NeoPod is a game changer – it offers performance without compromise.

Included in the Box is the Universal Adaptor

So light you’ll actually bring it along

Thanks to using space-age materials the bipod itself weighs only 82g (2.9oz). The various adapters weigh from to 7 to 31g. Total weight is only about that of 4-5 rounds of .308 Win! The material used, carbon fiber reinforced PEEK polymer is immensely strong and generally regarded as the highest performing material in the world.

Instantly deployable

The legs folds flat under the gun. No legs sticking out or metal parts digging into your shoulder. Safely leave the bipod mounted to the gun knowing that the legs deploy in a split second.

Quick detach spigot for lowest possible center of gravity

At the heart of the system is a spigot, and for a good reason. Nothing beats a spigot when it comes to both quick attach/detach and center of gravity close to the barrel.  The hinges of the bipod are level with the spigot to further optimize center of gravity. The benefit to the shooter is maximum stabilty. The universal sling swivel stud adapter places the spigot just 8mm below the forearm. Adapters for Blaser R93/R8 Professional and Sauer, or other guns with horizontal push button sling swivel, moves the center of gravity close to the barrel. We belive the NeoPod spigot offers the lowest center of gravity of any bipod designed to fold under the barrel.

Adapts to any terrain

The bipod has built-in 20 degrees of cant left and right of center and adapts instantly to uneven terrain. It’s got just the right amount of built-in play to follow moving targets.

Plug and play adapters

Some bipods use custom interfaces requiring a visit to the gunsmith. The NeoPod adapters attach without tools to standard Recknagel (6mm) and Uncle Mike (8mm) sling swivels studs,

The bipod ships with the universal sling swivel stud adapter. Self centering design. Made from aircraft grade aluminium. Weight 33g (1.2oz).

Shooting technique with the NeoPod Ultralight Hunting Bipod

The NeoPod Ultralight Hunting Bipod comes with hinges. The gun should recoil freely backwards straight into your shoulder. You should be able to tell from the recoil whether you’ve made a good shot or not. If you own an Atlas, you’ll know what we mean. To make this happen, do not push forward with excessive force. Just preload the bipod by taking up the slack between the bipod, the gun and yourself and squeeze off the shot.
The NeoPod is not designed for a hard forward push. The main reason for this is that the NeoPod is supposed to be used in a hunting situation, not on a smooth and level range. Out hunting one leg of the bipod might be on a rock, the other on moss. Push with force and the recoil will make the leg on the moss will slip first, moving your shot in that direction.

You may find yourself in an awkward position with your body wedged between rocks on a slope. In such a situation it’s impossible to apply the same amount of pressure every time. The result of uneven shoulder pressure is horizontal stringing of the shots. Even if you decide to press hard on you bipod on the range, be aware that you introduce angles into the system. Push too hard with your shoulder and the shots will land at 8 o’clock.

The best video on the topic is this one from Gunwerks.


Weight: 82 grams / 2.9 oz
Height, minimum: 14.5cm / 5.7” from center of spigot
Height, maximum: 21.5cm / 8.5” from center of spigot
Lenght of legs retracted: 17cm / 6.7”
Length of legs extended: 24cm / 9.4”
Leg adjustment increments: 7mm / .28”
Leg angle: 55 degrees
Cant: 20 degrees left and right of center
Pan: 2 degrees left and right of center
Construction: Injection molded Victrex 30% carbon fiber reinforced PEEK composite
Spigot length: 38 mm
Spigot diameter: 7 mm
Adapter material: Aluminium alloy
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