MDT Polymer Magazines

MDT Polymer Magazines




MDT Detachable box magazines are designed to fit the Oryx Chassis system. Manufactured from high quality Polymer and uses a tempered steel spring. Available in .223 and .308.

These magazines have been put through vigorous testing. We have used high quality strength polymer with a high glass content to ensure durability and strength. Although not unbreakable, we have driven over these magazines with cars and trucks which did not break them.


.308 magazine: 8 rounds

.223 magazine: 10 rounds

MAX OAL .223: 2.550″

MAX OAL .308: 2.800″


Guaranteed to work in Oryx chassis systems.

Compatible Calibers

  • .308
  • .223
  • 6.5 Creedmoor

Not recommended for .300 WSM. Use a metal magazine for this caliber as the feed lips need adjustment.

Compatible Calibers in .223 magazine

.223 Magazine will accommodate the following cartridges but may require feed lip adjustments and modifications to the internal ribs.

300 Blackout was designed to feed on AR-15 magazines, and may or may not feed from an AICS magazine in your bolt action rifle.

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