Lithgow Arms LA105 Woomera

Lithgow Arms LA105 Woomera


Key Points:

  • Includes a Rail and are Threaded
  • Sub MOA Guarantee
  • Australian Made

I now have my own LA105 in 308 coming – standby for a video on this beautiful rifle

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The new long range, precision LA105 Woomera (an Australian Aboriginal word for “spear thrower”) was developed with the advice and experience of Australian and US military snipers, the LA105 rifle delivers full custom fit, finish and performance for the shooting enthusiast. The LA105 is fitted with a heavy barrel and adjustable precision rifle stock, 10 round, detachable magazine, 20MOA Picatinny rail and muzzle brake. The LA105 is long range competition ready out of the box.

Every bolt action rifle that leaves Lithgow Arms is now guaranteed to be able to shoot a three round group measuring less than 1 Minute of Angle (MOA), with match grade/quality target ammunition.The inherent accuracy of our uniquely designed and Australian manufactured rifles has always delivered exceptional accuracy. Now we are prepared to guarantee that in the hands of a skilled shooter with quality ammunition our rifles will consistently form sub-MOA groups