INNOMount – PARD Mounts

INNOMount – PARD Mounts


We have a discounted price for our existing Clients of ours who have purchased a PARD 008 or PARD SA Thermal Scope from us – Contact us

These are for Picatinny Rails and we have 1 Blaser Mount

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The INNOMOUNT – scope ring itself is something particular due to the simplicity with which it can be used. It can be mounted onto the weapon in two quick steps with repeatable ease and without the necessity for even a single tool.

Consequently, the aiming device can be exchanged within a matter of seconds. The scope ring convinces with its low construction height and extreme durability while, at the same time, retaining an elegant form.

This model is designed for the PARD 008, 008 LRF and SA Thermal Scopes. They are made in Germany

Why do we recommend this?

Even though this is a expensive mount; it vastly increases the capabilities of the PARD scopes – now you can reliably move the scope between rifles (say a 22LR, 223 and 308), change the xy settings for zero and you are good to go – 1 scope 3 or more rifles !

Plus you can put your day scope back on your rifle is you want as well – no need to have a dedicated rifle for night hunting. This is what we do with commercial hunters all the time

Key Features:

  • Return To Zero – Swap Scopes, Move Rifles – Return to Zero
  • Offset Mount – Much Better Shooting Position as the scope is much closer to your eye
PARD Night Vision, Besdt Value Night Vision Rifle Scope