Helmet – NVG Pack

Helmet – NVG Pack



The EXFIL® LTP (Lightweight, Tactical, Polymer) bump helmet offers a stable, comfortable platform for mounting night vision and other accessories while providing the highest level of impact protection. The built-in NVG shroud utilizes an integrated Wilcox® machined aluminum shroud insert. The helmet features a Zorbium® foam liner along with a CAM FIT™ retention system with easily adjustable Cam Lock sliders and a micro-adjustable Boa® dial.

Only Clients Purchasing our FLIR Breach or NVG Systems are eligible to purchase this package

This product package includes:

1x Team Wendy LTP (Tan)

1x NV Mount

1x Light (Red and White) – Ideal for walking

1x Pouch (For a USB Battery Pack) or balance weight Pack

This is ideal for your FLIR Breach or NVG system – its pointless mounting a quality camera to a cheap uncomfortable helmet and mount that moves – that’s a surefire way of not achieving its full potential and we have engineered our own modifications to allow you to have the full potential of this system

SIZE 1 (M/L) 21 1/2 – 23 1/2 55 – 60 6 7/8 – 7 1/2
SIZE 2 (XL) up to 24 3/4 up to 63 up to 7 7/8
PARD Night Vision, Besdt Value Night Vision Rifle Scope