Helmet – NVG Pack

Helmet – NVG Pack


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Tactical Helmet ATE Bump is the non-ballistic version of our ATE Ballistic helmet. Lightweight and modular, it provides the ideal bump helmet for Tactical Helmet applications, Search and Rescue (SAR), and Recreational Sports. This lightweight helmet weighs in at 1.4 lbs! Manufactured from a Polycarbonate blend the helmet offers blunt impact protection that far exceeds impact requirements not only for EN 1385: 2012, but also for AR/PD 10-02.

Every head is different, so we include two different size pad sets for you to achieve the ideal fit

Only Clients Purchasing our NVG Systems are eligible to purchase this package

Other accessories such as Face Shields, Peltor Clips and Rails Available

This product package includes:

  • Hard Head Veterans ATE Bump (Orange)
  • NV Dovetail Mount (MilSpec)
  • Balance weight Pack
  • Hard Head Veterans Helmet Bag

This is ideal for your NVG system – its pointless mounting a quality system to a cheap uncomfortable helmet and mount that moves – that’s a surefire way of not achieving its full potential.

SIZE (M/L) 20 1/4 – 23 1/2
SIZE (L/XL) 23 1/2  – 24 3/4