GSCI TI Gear C (Clip On)

GSCI TI Gear C (Clip On)


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Meet the legendary GSCI quality in the new line of thermal imagers. TI-GEAR-C is the high-performance thermal clip-on sights. Compatible with most daytime sights, and suitable for any mission in any environment, this easy to use, easy to pair, plug-and-play system is a cost-effective tool for observation, aiming and engagement in both broad daylight and extreme darkness

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Key Points:

  • 7 Year Limited Warranty
  • Canadian Made
  • Designed for Commercial Use
  • All Aluminium Rugged Housing
  • High Performance, Auto NUC Shutterless, Silent FPA
  • Multiple Weapon Mounts Available


Full Size 0.6-inch Display for Best Image Quality

Smaller size displays used in other systems require their eyepieces to have higher optical magnification which results in optical distortions when image is viewed under different angles. Operator’s head/eyes need to be strictly in one position and under one angle to comfortably see the image.

Unlike other systems, TI-GEAR features the full-size 0.6-inch AMOLED display which requires minimal optical magnification of the eyepiece, has longer eye relief and produces a larger exit pupil which results in virtually no optical image distortion or blurring of the image as the operator slightly moves the line of vision either closer, up or down, or left or right.

TI-GEAR Advantages:

  • Image is not optically distorted or blurred
  • Long eye relief and larger exit pupil for comfortable observation

Advanced Hardware and Software Solutions

The hardware and software of the TI-GEAR systems are designed and developed in harmony by the GSCI engineering team to ensure superior user experience.

Proprietary video image processing and other techniques implemented in TI-GEAR systems guarantee maximum sensitivity and image clarity deliver maximum system performance yet maintaining minimal power consumption.

TI-GEAR Advantages:

  • Best-in-Class battery life
  • Unparalleled performance at all times
  • Can be powered by a variety of power sources

Precision Built, All-Aluminium Enclosure

TI-GEAR housings are machined out of high-grade aluminium alloy to provide added strength and rigidity. The housings then undergo hard anodizing process to ensure maximum resistance to harsh environments.

TI-GEAR Advantages:

  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Immune to corrosion
  • Very high shock and vibration resistance
  • Very high resistance to abrasives (soil, sand)

Thermal Detector Requires No Calibration

TI-GEAR systems are based on high-performance FPA (thermal detectors). Apart from high resolution, sensitivity and refresh rate, the TI-GEAR’s thermal detectors are shutterless, silent in operation. Non-Uniformity Correction is performed automatically, instantly and continuously.

Thanks to Auto-NUC, no operator’s involvement is needed to perform sensor calibration, no buttons need to be pressed, no need to cover the objective lens, so you never miss a second.

TI-GEAR Advantages:

  • Image is always crisp and clear
  • Image never freezes or degrades over time
  • No operator distractions