GRS Laminate Stocks

GRS Laminate Stocks


GRS Laminate rifle stocks are available for hunting, competition and long range. The people in GRS are active shooters and we use our experience when developing products.

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How to Order your Laminate Stock

You can check the available inlets here https://www.grsriflestocks.com/rifle-stocks

Simply order as normal and we will contact you afterwards to get the details including inlet and colour – Pricing is the same for most of the stock

Pre-Orders are generally 8-12 weeks – or call us and we will check

A limited number maybe available in Stock


GRS Hunter

Do you want a perfect adjustable rifle stock for hunting, and at the same a more classic look? Then GRS Hunter is the stock you need. It weighs only 1450 grams, which make it easy to carry around when you’re out hunting.

It has an ergonomic design and our well-known SpeedLock system for adjusting the cheek piece and recoil pad. Like all our rifle stocks, the grip has an angle of six degrees. This allows the hand to rest in a natural position.

GRS Hunter is perfect for you who wants a more classic look on your ergonomic hunting rifle stock.

GRS Hybrid

Many years of military long-distance shooting experience lies behind the development of this rifle stock. GRS Hybrid has what it takes to develop your prone shooting.

It is crucial to find a comfortable position when prone shooting. The rear stock and forend has a surface and cutout specially made for shooting with beanbags. This will make the rifle extremely stable when shooting. The front is also 50 mm longer than a standard sports stock. A longer forend makes it easier to mount bipods and helps to achieve perfect balance when using different inlets.
Like all our stocks, the grip has an angle of six percent. This allows the hand to rest in a natural and relaxed position. This is a smart detail that makes a big difference when prone shooting.

GRS Hybrid is perfect for: Optimized for shooting prone with magnum calibers with applications.

GRS Sporter

A full and lowered forend provides a good grip and helps improve the standing shooting position. The GRS Sporter and Hunter models are in fact pretty similar, but the Sporter is better if you hunt with bipods. The reason for this is because the forend is wider and the rear stock has a cut out which makes it better to use when shooting in a prone position.

The SpeedLock 2.0 system makes it easy to adjust the length of pull and cheek piece of the stock. The grip also has an angle of six percent, so the hand is in a natural and steady position.

GRS Sporter is perfect for: Those who want the perfect stock for hunting with bipods.

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