FLIR Breach

FLIR Breach


The best place for a thermal camera, is where you can see it ALL the time and to have it looking EVERYWHERE you look – YOU WILL SEE MORE

Exclusive to us ONLY – We have customised this camera and mount to better suit our clients – The Battery Modification and Mount are included that option



Key Points:

  • Use it 100% of the time – Ideal for use with helmets
  • Light Weight
  • High Resolution 60Hz (.12u Core)
  • Wide Field of View
  • Internal Video and Still Recording
  • FLIR 10-3 year Warranty

If you are serious about hunting at night – this system with a quality helmet setup will outperform any handheld in most practical situations – Ask us why

Now you can walk, stalk and look all handsfree with a thermal camera on your non shooting eye; all in total darkness. The enhanced awareness this brings WILL help you see more animals and be safer.

The FLIR Breach features the new FLIR Boson Core, which offers 29% more resolution over the current standard cores (.12u vs .17u); combined with FLIR’s image processing system you can look at your feet and out in the distance and you don’t need to refocus and it allows you to see further with a smaller lens.

The Difference

The FLIR Breach is designed for ranges from right in front of you out to around 400-500m in the distance; it’s a helmet camera so its true purpose is not for long distance scanning, but continuously moving and looking ALL the time

If you have a thermal handheld, think about how much time you actually use it for scanning vs walking and how much lost opportunity to see an animal occurs – this camera is designed to be viewed 100% of the time and look wherever you look!

That is a difference you will appreciate

Helmets and Mounts – We have full Helmet setups available – contact us for details  – DISCOUNTED Packages are available for our clients

Helmet and Mount pictured, are not included

Watch Videos

View videos on our website to get a sense for what you will see; there were taken in Northland by us

Talk to us about the Camera and how it may be useful for you


Advanced image processing produces excellent image clarity, day or night

  • New 60Hz FLIR Boson thermal core with 12 μm pixel pitch and 320 x 240 resolution
  • Bright, high definition FLCOS display
  • Industry-leading on-chip video processing


Easy adaptability to wide selection of head and helmet mounts

  • DoveTail / Bayonet interfaces
  • Quickly attaches to helmet and head mounts using mini-rail feature
  • Weighs 210g


Multiple features offer a superior, customizable experience

  • On board video recording with to 2.5 hours of internal storage or 1,000 pictures
  • Multiple palettes
  • Digital compass/inclinometer for precise range and target orientation
  • Covered by FLIR’s unique 3-10 warranty, covering parts and labor for three years and the detector for ten
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