EGW Picatinny Rail

EGW Picatinny Rail




EVOLUTION GUN WORKS or EGW Picatinny rails – Standard Versions – Howa 20 MOA only

High precision 20-MOA (angled for long range shooting/bullet drop) mount made in the USA

Our standard scope mounts are perfect for a lightweight mounting option that ties the receiver together for more rigidity over two piece bases. The cross slots have a valley down the center to save on weight, but are not optimal for mounting quick disconnect rings (throw lever), because most quick disconnect rings use a center recoil lug. These mounts are perfect options for almost any calibers, even up to magnums. We recommend using square cross lugs with all picatinny style rings.

We highly recommend the INNOmount Steel Picatinny rails

  • Long-Action HOWA (& Weatherby Vanguard)
  • MINI ACTION HOWA (& Weatherby Vanguard)
  • Short-Action HOWA (& Weatherby Vanguard)

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Mini Action 20 MOA, Short Action 20 MOA, Long Action 20 MOA

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