Australian Made Semi Automatic Rifles, for Professionals

WT15 (AR15) 223 Calibres and WT25 (AR10) in 308w

Why Wedgetail

  • Australian Made – Parts and Service are Much closer than the USA
  • Designed for Professionals – this has always been their target market
  • Availability and Ongoing Supply on a long term basis rather than one off imports
  • Setup Service available – including Labradar Data, Ammo Testing and Zeroing

Please note that you require a P Endorsement for these rifles

Made to Order Only to your requirements – Our laws don’t allow for stock to be held

Please contact us for Details

At Wedgetail Industries the inspiration for our designs comes from a variety of sources, from the professional marksman to the passionate recreational shooter and most importantly, you and your next shot. Our shot focused mentality allows us to explore new technologies and ideas when creating our guns. We are constantly working with our customers, past, present and future to define the performance requirements and ensure that we co-create what the market wants.

Who are Wedgetail Industries?



The Wedgetail Industries product development team is a diverse line-up of product design engineers, machinists, gunsmiths, recreational and professional shooters. Since they all shoot, they approach the design process from a shooters perspective and understand what it takes to make a design trustworthy. Professional users feel things that only those with experience can feel. Machinists often see things design engineers don’t. Working together they achieve a sum that is greater than its parts and it really differentiates our products.

MADE RIGHT. RIGHT HERE. (in Australia)

Our products are designed and made in Australia. Our production facility in Victoria, Australia is the home of our products from prototype through to production. Our versatile production technology allows us to quickly produce prototypes and test new ideas in rapid succession right at our front door. We have shot countless rounds downrange to create great products that are practical, robust and beautiful.

Video from Andrew Maughan on Vimeo.