Couriers only cover up to their legally required limits. However while a value is simple for a brand new firearm the insurers will likely only cover its current market value which may be a lot less then what it costs to replace it.

We will NOT cover the difference. You should enquiry about any cover you need with your insurers.

You should send the rifle in a hard case or something that you are happy with for shipping – we are not responsible for shipping damages.

All Bipods, Slings etc should be removed before sending the rifle

Shipping is done either via a Hunting Store or via us and Mainfreight.

With Mainfreight you will need to drop the rifle off to their depot – it will be returned to either their depot or a business address


For items being sent to us we hold a Firearms Dealers Licence.

For items being returned to you if not to a store – we require the Police Online Form to be completed (FRM43A)

Zero Point of Aim

We use a bench rest for shooting – this enables us to be very consistent with shooting. Like different people and shooting styles (incl using bipods, tripod, bags, slings, holds) the bench may have a variation in its Point of Impact to your actual shooting. Our testing has shown this to be minor to own our shooting styles but this will vary from person to person.

The Point of impact, relative to the group size will be within ½ MOA of the point of Aim on the bench to be considered Zeroed – It is pointless for us to fine tune that further when you will quite likely shoot differently, its just wasting your ammunition.

We recommend that you do shoot the rifle yourself and do any final adjustment necessary to suit your shooting style.


If we notice issues with your rifle we will stop and contact you – generally with good ammunition this is around 1 MOA inline with a lot of rifles accuracy guarantees


For transport this must be packed in secure cases same as it arrives from the store.

If the ammunition is reloaded you need to inform us of that – it must not be a ‘hot load’ or show any pressure signs and it must cycle normally in the action, including being able to be ejected unfired after being chambered. If we find issues with ammunition we will suspend test and may not continue it. In this case no refund will be provided.


If this is a brand new rifle and we are putting a thread on it, we do recommend that you have verified that it shoots in accordance with its guarantee before its threaded. This is in case there happens to be some issue with the rifle that is covered by warranty; threading may void or cause issues with any claim.

Epoxying Rail/Bases

We do recommend that you securely fix your bases or rail to the receiver – many a hunt was ruined by that moving and coming loose.

We can epoxy the rail to the receive – however this will stay there forever and some epoxy will show around the bases

Break in Procedures

If you want a break in done on the barrel – this should be done before we have the rifle


Your rifle should arrive clean or conditioned how you want and ready to use – we will run a patch through the barrel to clean out any oil.

If you don’t want anything done to the rifle cleaning wise – please let us know

Post shooting we will remove the suppressor and pack the rifle dry to send to you.

We can clean your rifle if requested, it will only entail the use of Ballistol.


While we will take care – your rifle will be in the countryside and placed into a bench rest, they have the potential for usage or dirt marks or worse a minor scratch – we are not liable in anyway for this damage – Sorry but these are rifles to be used in the outdoors and if you cannot handle that – we don’t want your rifle.

Scope Setup

Ideally you should have the eye relief set for yourself – you can quickly do this before sending the rifle to us

Otherwise we will set the scope up in a normal position and level it to the bore

Scope Testing

Tracking Test – We ensure that your scope will travel correctly in 4 directions and return to its start point.

Dialing Calibration

We will test the number of clicks required vs observed and report on any issues

Both Scope tests are done visually without any live firing.

They also require that your scope is suitable for the test (i.e. a proper dialling scope with visible markings) to be conducted


We work on a cycle where we are doing several rifles at once; so cannot guarantee a exact date and the freight companies may take longer to deliver your rifle back to you.

The weather needs to be suitable as well.

As a general rule you should allow 2-4 weeks

Rifles with Known Issues

If issues are encountered we will stop the tests and contact you

If you have a rifle with issues or potential issues – please let us know first as we maybe able to sort them