Night Vision Goggles PVS7, PVS14 and PVS31 are great tools for a range of uses, Security, Outdoors, Hunting and Search and Rescue. Night Vision Goggles give you the advantage of continuously using the Night Vision while you move, giving you vision 100% of the time.

We can supply either Gen2, Gen 3 and 4G versions and have FOM ratings of up to 2400 and beyond

We recommend that you read our “FAQ Night Vision” Section to learn more about Night Vision Goggles

Why are there no prices displayed? we have a guideline below – Night Vision more than other technology needs to be matched to your requirements; and listing prices with Performance Levels alone that you may not understand is pointless

Important Things to Consider

  • Environment you will operate in?
  • Potential Light Sources around?
  • Do you need to move?
  • Do you need to record the images?
  • Actual Performance Required Beyond the simple FOM Rating?
  • Skills of the person using it?
  • Warranty
  • Helmets and Mounts - we use Hard Head Vets
  • And more

Price Guide - $7 to $14k


The legendary PVS-14C is a great choice for conducting operations, including dismounted terrain navigation in extremely low-light conditions. The versatile, multi-role PVS-14C can be configured as a hand-held, hands-free, extended range, standalone weapon-mounted, and clip-on system

It is a single eye (Left or Right) single tube monocular, leaving the other eye open for the natural light

Price Guide - $7 to $14k


PVS-7 is the legendary, decades battle proven “single-tube, dual-eye” Night Vision Goggles-Binoculars. It has been the Military standard issue night vision goggles for over 40 years. PVS-7 system meets stringent MIL-SPEC requirements and has proven itself in combat thanks to its rugged, ergonomic design.

It is a dual eye single tube binocular, which makes it easier to use for the user and its more economic than a full dual tube Binocular

Price Guide - $14 to $28k


The PVS31 goggles are full Dual Tube Dual Eye binoculars.

Available in a range of tubes to suit various requirements and budgets

Being a full dual system its easier to move around and you retain a sense of depth perception vs a single tube system