Can I attend while this is done?

No sorry, its not possible to have visitors

Can I send Hand loaded Ammunition

Yes - it is fine to send this, however we aren’t going to do any load development - if we detect loads with excessive pressure signs we will stop all testing.

Ammo is stored in the shade until firing


We work on a cycle where we are doing several rifles at once; so cannot guarantee a exact date and the freight companies may take longer to deliver your rifle back to you.

The weather needs to be suitable as well.

As a general rule you should allow 2-4 weeks


Why do you normally do this at one range?

Generally you want to conduct the test at around 80% of your velocity before the bullet goes into the transonic zone.

This way its calibrated to that distance, everything closer is better data as your results are interpolated over known data. Anything further out soon becomes uncalibrated as its based on extrapolated data

Mathematically speaking, interpolation is the process of determining an unknown value within a sequence based on other points in that set, while extrapolation is the process of determining an unknown value outside of a set based on the existing “curve.”

Can we do conduct tests at multiple ranges

Yes and this data can be used by Ballistic Apps that will accept multiple BC’s based on speeds or we can create a ‘stepped’ BC figure based on the known points.

How accurate is your Chronograph

It is nearly 16 feet long, based on the data provided by known experts in the field it is very accurate.

Why should we test scopes?

Your scopes ability to reliably track and correctly dial is extremely important.

How scopes actually do this is almost mechanically amazing with very fine adjustments. Sadly not all scopes are equal and even over time a small part can fail and suddenly what you think is 10.25 MOA is not.

Every scope should be function checked before you even take a shot or you are wasting your time, ammo or worse.

Do bullets have a SD on their BC

Yes they do - they too have a Standard Deviation (SD) of their individual BC - each bullet batch (or bullet) will have minor variations - Remember your bullets are being spun at hundreds of thousands of revolutions per minute - even your Muzzle velocity SD variations come into effect