Night Vision Rifle Scope

Night Vision Rifle Scope

Night Vision rifle scopes are great tools for Hunting

Night Vision Riflescopes give you the advantage over Thermal:

  • Better identification of your target as it has a much higher resolution than Thermal
  • More Enjoyment at Night experiencing More detail during the hunt

We can supply either Gen2, Gen 3 and 4G versions and have FOM ratings of up to 2400 and beyond

Why are there no prices displayed? – Night Vision more than other technology needs to be matched to your requirements; and listing prices with Performance Levels alone that you may not understand is pointless

Important Things to Consider

  • Environment you will operate in?
  • Potential Light Sources around?
  • Do you need to move?
  • Do you need to record the images?
  • Actual Performance Required Beyond the simple FOM Rating?
  • Skills of the person using it?
  • Warranty
  • And more


CNVD-22 is the clip-on night vision device designed to seamlessly pair with direct-view (daytime) scopes to endue them low-light observation capabilities for extended-range reconnaissance, target acquisition and engagement.

CNVD-22 offers convenience of installation and usage: with fast and easy pairing with your existing daytime scope no re-zeroing or removal of the day scope is required. Conversion from night vision to day scope mode and back is done in seconds.

GS-24 or GS26

Tactical Night Vision Sights GS-24R (4x) and GS-26R (6x), represent combination of years of experience and the latest technological developments. The all-new design utilizes modern materials to reduce weight and improve recoil resistance.

Standard features include a waterproof housing, Mil-Dot illuminated reticle, high-grade multi-coated optics, and a low-profile heavy-duty Picatinny mounting system. With zero retention on heavy caliber weapons, these are the systems of choice among Military and Law Enforcement professionals.

As you can see even with these 2 basic models there is a lot to consider – talk to experts in this field