Manual Gain Control

Manual Gain Control

Ability to directly control image gain is a performance-enhancing feature of a night vision or a thermal imaging device. This newsletter will help you to understand the purpose of manual gain control and to see when it is advantageous to have one.

A night vision device equipped with manual gain control enables an operator to manually adjust image brightness to adapt to current ambient light conditions. This feature becomes particularly useful in areas with frequently changing ambient lighting, for example in urban environment. Furthermore, ability to control output image brightness helps reduce or completely eliminate the so-called “night blindness effect”. This problem is common in night vision monocular systems and caused by brightness difference perceived by naked and “night vision equipped” eyes in a dark environment.

Being a MIL-SPEC option, the manual gain control is highly desired by military and law-enforcement Professionals.

The difference between minimum and maximum brightness levels in a night vision device.