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Night Vision Scope

Without a doubt – the PARD 008 is the best value Night Vision Scope out there.

You get brilliant performance for a low price – they outperform far more expensive scopes.

They are excellent in the twilight as well; and off a far better image than any thermal camera can

Now you can afford to have a Night Vision Scope

The Best Chronograph

Forget your old Chrono; the Labradar is the best chrono to have – WHY?

Simple – Data

Being based on a Doppler Radar gives it the ability to measure your bullets speed out to some 80m!

Suppressed 410 Shotgun

The ideal gun for small game – Rabbits, Possums etc and is extremely quiet AND effective

Based on a single shot, break barrel shotgun – they are very easy to use and are great for young shooters learning as well

Rifle Magazines

We have a the top quality Australian Made Lucky 13  Magazines

Straight Fit Magazines – 6-10 rounds, these replace your existing factory magazine

  • Tikka T3, Ruger American, Sauer, Lithgow, Remington 783

Conversion Kits – Change the bottom metal on your rifle and now you can have a 10 round magazine

  • Howa 1500 Short Action and Remington 700 Short Action
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