Aimsport Suppressors

Why do we like Aimsport Suppressors so much?

  • Quality European Made – They are Swedish
  • Stainless inside for Strength
  • Aluminum outside for weight reductions
  • Unlimited Shooting for Sports or Hunting
  • 5 Year Warranty

Here is a explanation from them on what makes their suppressors so good and their LE valve.

We recommend the S models as they have an extra module to reduce reduce the noise further

Shooting Unlimited

The TRITON-concept combines the best of aluminium and stainless steel!

Silencers made from steel are often perceived as heavy and light-weight silencers of aluminium have their limitations in how much and how intensively you can shoot.

TRITON has a core of stainless steel with a pressure tank of aluminium, a virtually indestructible light weight silencer for all kind of bolt action rifles no matter if your prime interest is hunting, sports shooting or intensive practice shooting on the range or at an indoor shooting cinema.

Our firm belief is that you as a hunter always should practice with your silencer fitted in order to “become one” with your weapon.

You will during the practice experience the correct weight, balance, swing and recoil – and when it is time to use the rifle in the field you can rest assured that TRITON delivers!

The TRITON series was developed for demanding hunters/shooters and we call it

SHOOTING Unlimited




This is how it works!

The secret in TRITON is the stainless steel LE-valve (patent pending) and the TRITON nut which center all parts into a solid unit. The Late Escape valve equalizes the pressure in the rear expansion chamber and just before the bullet leaves the silencer the pressure is evacuated also into the front chamber.

TRITON 42 is short, compact and with a relatively small volume, yet very efficient!

TRITON 42S and 50 II are equipped with another expansion chamber and TRITON 50S with 3 chambers in the front for additional efficiency in the noise reduction. Every TRITON is equipped with an LE-valve and in the bigger models every additional chamber is separated by micro-baffle modules in stainless steel i.e. stainless steel throughout the full length of the TRITON silencer!

The design of the TRITON Nut in the rear chamber and the LE-valve in the fron, both made of stainless steel, make the TRITON silencer virtually indestructible and will withstand unlimited shooting with hunting rifles!

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